Relaxation at the beginning of spring

1 Card 6 Spa Worlds

Six unique spa worlds spread throughout Switzerland. Each beautiful and diverse. With an Aqua-Spa-Resorts «Relax-Card» you can visit all six spa worlds.
Our 9 saunas, 23 pools and 12 steam baths will ensure your relaxation and well-being!

Hürlimann Spa Dachbad gemeinsam sprudeln

Hürlimannbad & Spa Zürich

In the Hürlimannbad & Spa you bathe in hundred-year-old vaults. The wooden pools draw on the history of the former brewery, while the outdoor bathing area on the roof offers a stunning panoramic view of Zurich. The Roman-Irish spa ritual is unique in Switzerland and combines ancient bathing cultures into a unique cleansing ritual.

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Day-Spa Hammam Du & Ich

Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern

The Middle Eastern cleansing ritual is the focus of the Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern. The centuries-old bathing ceremony refreshes both body and soul. The spa rooms are spread over four storeys; the warm relaxation bath beneath the 13-metre-high dome forms the heart of the hammam. 

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Solbad & Spa Schönbühl weitläufiges Innenbad

Solbad & Spa Schönbühl

At the Solbad & Spa Schönbühl, you can enjoy a natural saltwater bath, sauna facilities and a spa circuit. Get away from it all in our vast gardens, complete with wooden loungers, walkways and outdoor pools for that holiday feeling. 

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Mineralbad & Spa Rigi Kaltbad Aussenbad

Mineralbad & Spa Rigi Kaltbad

In addition to its wonderful indoor spa area, the Mineralbad & Spa Rigi Kaltbad offers you a heated outdoor pool with a unique view of the mountains, a herbal steam bath, a Finnish herbal sauna, a spa lounge with treatments and massages, and our fascinating crystal spa.

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Day-Spa Engadiner Vergnügen DU & ICH

Mineralbad & Spa Samedan

The Mineralbad & Spa Samedan offers you a time-honoured spa ritual surrounded by exceptional architecture. The spa rooms are spread over five storeys. As if in a mountain labyrinth, you will wander through baths and steam rooms. The rooftop swimming pool is the crowning glory of the spa ritual.

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Termali Salini & Spa Locarno NaturSolebad Innenbad

Termali Salini & Spa Locarno

The Termali Salini & Spa Locarno is the largest natural saltwater spa in Ticino. On the shore of Lake Maggiore, you will find a spa resort with an indoor and outdoor area, sauna facilities with experienced sauna masters, and private spa suites that offer truly exclusive enjoyment.

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