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The day spa package includes:

For two people:

  • Hammam day admission tickets
  • Traditional hammam foam massage (25 minutes)
  • Sultan’s spa
  • Hammam oil massage (25 minutes)
  • A small speciality for two in the bistro
  • Pestemal (traditional linen towel)
  • Kese (exfoliating mitt)
  • Tea at the bistro

Takes around 3.5 hours in total. 

Day-Spa Hammam-Zauber

Traditional hammam foam massage

Enveloped in foam, you enjoy a soothing full body scrub. The aroma of the mild, natural soap has a relaxing effect and boosts your mood. The soap is made from oil derived from ho leaves of the camphor, an evergreen tree native to China that can grow to over 30 m tall.

Hammam Sultanbad

Sultan’s spa

The magnificent blend of milk and honey (also available in a soy milk version for vegans) with essential oils makes the Sultan’s spa a wonderfully indulgent experience. It nourishes your skin and restores its natural protective layer to help prevent dryness.

Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern Hammam-Öl-Massage

Hammam oil massage

After your visit to the hammam, this full body massage soothes your skin. The hot stone massage incorporates elements of Hawaiian lomi lomi: the perfect treatment for body and soul. In the massage, we use quality organic oils, free from any synthetic substances.

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