Treatments & massages

Treatments & massages

An invigorating massage or a soothing treatment perfectly complements your spa experience. The massages and treatments are harmoniously coordinated and ensure relaxation and well-being.

Massages can also be booked without admission. Treatments can only be booked with a day admission.

For all massages and treatments, we recommend booking in advance at the number 031 859 34 34 or or online.

Clothing during the massage: lightly clothed. During the Indulgent oil massage and the exfoliating massage, the intimate area is covered or we offer disposable briefs.

Indulgent oil massage

Using high-quality warm oil, fine strokes and light stretches are made over the whole body with the forearm. This massage sequence was specially developed for the brine bath. A light and very relaxing massage is well suited for stress reduction, muscular relaxation and improvement of the tissue metabolism. A pampering moment to revitalise the body and let the soul dangle a little.

25 minutes / CHF 56
50 minutes / CHF 102
75 minutes / CHF 149

Day Spa Body & Mind
Day Spa Body & Mind Deluxe
Day Spa Dream & Release
Day Spa Dream & Release Deluxe
You & Me for two people


Classic massage

Classical massage is the oldest healing art in the world. It is practised everywhere and is divided into five parts:

  • Stroking: even stroking movements are performed, these are in the direction of the heart.
  • Kneading: By pushing the muscles against each other, they are stretched. This loosens up the muscle tissue and removes tension.
  • Rubbing: This technique opens the pores and dilates the blood vessels.
  • Tapping: The nervous system is stimulated by the light tapping technique.
  • Shaking: by rhythmically shaking the body, deposits are removed from the body with the blood.

25 minutes / CHF 56
50 minutes / CHF 102

Day Spa Morning Relax

Relaxing Facial

The Relaxing facial begins with a refreshing facial cleansing, followed by a gentle grapefruit peeling to rid the skin of dead skin cells. Then your skin is pampered with the Cistrose anti-fatigue mask to soothe and relax. A soothing face, neck and décolleté massage adds to your complete relaxation experience.

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Relaxation bath

After the spa, enjoy a purifying and sensual bath - alone or as a couple, in an exclusively designed room surrounded by candlelight.

25 minutes / CHF 35
25 minutes / CHF 42 incl. 1 glass of Prosecco (1dl)

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Full body wrap

Surrounded by steam, you apply the mineral-rich clay and let it take effect. This stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and makes the skin soft to the touch. In addition, the clay has a disinfecting effect, cleanses deep into the pores and supplies the skin with valuable minerals and trace elements. 

20 minutes / CHF 23

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Foot reflexology

The feet are made up of zones that map the organs of the body and its musculoskeletal system. Certain pressure points and massage techniques stimulate the reflex zones in the corresponding areas of the body. The resulting combination of relaxation and stimulation promotes a gradual return to inner balance.


  • Relaxation and feeling of lightness
  • Stimulates energy flow
  • Supports the body’s self-healing powers
  • Improves blood circulation to the organs
  • Helps eliminate toxins

25 minutes / CHF 56
50 minutes / CHF 102

Please note that foot reflexology massage is only available on request: 031 859 34 37 or

Lymphatic drainage

Gentle massage technique. Lymphatic drainage is one of the best and most effective forms of massage of the subcutaneous tissue. Light pressure and rhythmic, circular movements help drain any build-up of lymph fluid in the tissues.

  • Drains the lymphatic system, helping to relieve swelling
  • Improves venous return and eases pressure on the blood vessels
  • Stimulates and strengthens the immune system
  • Calming effect on the nervous system
  • Eases hardening and scarring of connective tissue
  • Relaxation
  • General pain relief

25 Minuten / CHF 56
50 Minuten / CHF 102

Please note that lymphatic drainage is only available on request: 031 859 34 37 or

Open-air massages

Our Solbad & Spa Schönbühl offers relaxing massages in the open air when the weather is fine. Enjoy the beneficial effects of our massages in a Mediterranean setting and feel your body and mind come to rest.

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