Roman-Irish spa ritual

The Roman-Irish spa ritual

Takes around two hours in total

The best of ancient spa culture combined with a unique cleansing ritual in historic surroundings: an exclusive experience in a very special atmosphere. At 10 different stations, your body is warmed, cleansed, relaxed, then cooled down again – a source of soothing relaxation, health and vitality. A unique experience for mind, body and soul: enjoy two hours of a relaxing cleansing ritual in historic surroundings with a touch of luxury.

Wet zone: floral steam bath 40°, exfoliating alcoves, hot herbal steam 45°, hot bath 40°, Roman bath 35° with massage jets, whirlpools, bubble loungers and shallow water zone, lounger areas and exercise pool 28°.

Dry zone: stone loungers, ballroom for reading and relaxation, spa lounge for chats, tea, ‘Aqui’ water and tasty snacks.

Massages and treatments available on request for an extra charge: exfoliating massage, milk and herbal compress massage and full body wraps of your choice.

Römisch-itisches Spa-Ritual Ballsaal

The visit begins

You begin your visit in swimwear (no nude bathing is permitted in this ritual). You place all personal items (bathrobe, bath towel, etc.) in your own drawer. Then it’s time to get started.

Hürlimann Spa Zürich römisch irischer Rundgang Dampfbad

Floral steam 40°

12 to 15 minutes

Your body acclimatises to the humidity and the feeling on your skin, your pores open and you prepare to exfoliate.

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Cleansing and exfoliating

5 to 8 minutes

You use the scrub to massage your body vigorously with upward strokes. This rids your body of dead skin cells; your skin becomes refreshed and more radiant.

Hürlimann Spa Zürich römisch irisches Spa Ritual Kräuterdampfbad

Hot herbal steam 45°

8 to 12 minutes

The hot steam helps you work up a sweat and opens your pores again. Your body is purified and detoxed further.

Hürlimann Spa Römisch-irischer Rundgang Heissbad

Hot bath 40°

8 to 12 minutes

Here, your body is purified and detoxed further, and your body temperature remains slightly elevated.

Hürlimann Spa Römisch-irischer Rundgang Liegepodeste


10 to 15 minutes

A safe haven of warmth and comfort: you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet on the large loungers.

Hürlimann Spa Römisch-Irischen-Spa

Roman bath 35°

15 to 20 minutes

In the barrel vaults in the central spa area, you can sit or lie in body-temperature water – pure relaxation. Here, you can enjoy hot tubs, massage jets and bubble loungers.

Hürlimann Spa Zürich Römisch irischer Rundgang Bewegungsbad

Exercise pool 28°

5 to 10 minutes

Your body cools down slowly and your pores close. Take the opportunity to swim a few lengths and keep moving.

Hürlimann Spa Römisch-irischer Rundgang Liegepodeste


10 to 15 minutes

You complete the spa ritual in the wet zone on the large loungers. Afterwards, you can slip into your bathrobe and make your way to the ballroom and spa lounge.

Ballsaal im römisch-irischen Spa-Ritual

Ballroom and spa lounge

Total rest and relaxation: here you can enjoy the silence with only a favourite book or magazine for company. In the spa lounge, you can enjoy a nice chat, Aqui water from our spring, a hot cup of tea and snacks from our spa bistro.

Hürlimann Spa Gang Duschen Umkleide

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