About the Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern

A dreamy spa experience straight from the 1,001 Nights

The Middle Eastern cleansing ritual is the focus of the Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern. The centuries-old bathing ceremony refreshes both body and soul, and you can enjoy a safe haven in which to relax for a few hours. The spa rooms are spread over four storeys; the warm relaxation bath beneath the 13-metre-high dome forms the heart of the hammam. In addition to the cleansing ritual, we also offer massages and treatments as the perfect way to round off your visit. At the end of the ritual, you can relax in the cosy relaxation rooms or our small bistro, and enjoy a drink or a bite to eat.

Hammam & Spa Oktogon Dampfraum Binguel

Middle Eastern cleansing ritual

People have been cleansing their mind, body and soul in hammams for centuries. This traditional Middle Eastern ritual is based on warmth and soothing relaxation. The visit lasts around two hours and spans several rooms.

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Rhassoul wrap

Rhassoul is a wrap for gentle, natural deep cleansing of the entire body. You apply the wrap in the steam bath and let the soothing ingredients take effect. Rhassoul helps cleanse your skin and make it supple – for a natural and soothing beauty treatment. Rhassoul reduces dryness and flaky skin, making the skin more supple and improving your complexion.

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Massages and treatments

An invigorating massage or therapeutic treatment is the perfect way to round off your spa experience. That’s why our spa team has come up with various day spa offers – made for maximum relaxation and well-being, with treatments designed to complement each other. 

Treat yourself to some time out from your day-to-day – you’ve earned it.

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Hammam & Spa Oktohon Bern

A unique spa experience in unique architectural surroundings

In the Bern hammam, Bernese architectural history meets Middle Eastern influences. The Bern hammam is built on the foundations of the first gas boiler, which was created in the 19th century. The original designers opted for an eight-sided layout – hence the name ‘Oktogon’ (octagon).

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Day-Spa Hammam-Zauber

Traditional hammam foam massage

Enveloped in foam, you enjoy a soothing full body scrub. The aroma of the mild, natural soap has a relaxing effect and boosts your mood. The soap is made from oil derived from ho leaves of the camphor, an evergreen tree native to China.

Hammam bistro

Round off your visit to the hammam with delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, freshly prepared each day. Hot tea and water are available free of charge.

Day spa offers

Day spa – leave behind the stresses of everyday life and treat yourself to a moment of rest and relaxation.

  • Day spa voucher: Middle Eastern morning dip

    CHF 110.00
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    The day spa package includes:

    • Hammam day admission
    • Sea salt spa
    • One of the following massages (25 minutes) of your choice:
      • Hammam oil massage
      • ‘Fadji’s Piedi’ foot massage
    • A small speciality in the bistro
    • Pestemal (traditional linen towel)
    • Kese (exfoliating mitt)
    • Tea at the bistro

    Entry Monday to Friday (excl. Wednesdays and public holidays), 9 am to 12 noon

    Takes around 3.5 hours in total. 

  • Day spa voucher: magic of the Middle East

    CHF 155.00
    Bitte auswählen

    The day spa package includes:

    • Hammam day admission
    • Rhassoul wrap
    • Traditional hammam foam massage (25 minutes)
    • Hammam oil massage (25 minutes)
    • A small speciality in the bistro
    • Pestemal (traditional linen towel)
    • Kese (exfoliating mitt)
    • Tea at the bistro

    Takes around 3.5 hours in total. 

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