Commitment to Sport

Sports Enthusiasts: Active Together for Sport

Our mission is to accompany talented athletes on their way to success and peak performance. Effective training is only possible if post-sport regeneration is not neglected. For this reason, we open the doors to our six exclusive spa worlds to athletes to promote their recovery and regeneration.

We are proud to accompany selected athletes from Switzerland on their way. Because only when they can recover optimally can they bring out the best in themselves and realise their sporting dreams.

Nicolas Huber, Pro Snowboarder

Nicolas Huber, Pro Snowboarder

«After an intense day on the snowboard, there's nothing better than regenerating in one of six spa facilities from Aqua-Spa-Resorts.» Nicolas Huber
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Lisa Mamié, Schwimmerin

Lisa Mamié, Swimmer

«Recovery is just as important as training.» Lisa Mamié

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Daniela Gubler, Leichtathletin

Daniela Gubler, Track and field athlete

«After Sport, I relax at Aqua-Spa-Resorts.» Daniela Gubler

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Anja Dubler, Leichtathletin

Anja Dubler, Track and field athlete

«A healthy body and the corresponding regeneration are central components for my success.» Anja Dubler

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Marcel Brenner, Motorrad-Rennfahrer

Marcel Brenner, Motorbike racer

«For me, wellness is the best recovery therapy so far to regenerate for the upcoming training sessions and races.» Marcel Brenner

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