Termali Salini & Spa Locarno


Dear guests

From Wednesday, 21 April 2021, we are looking forward to welcoming and pampering you again after a long break.
We will reopen the outdoor area with our outdoor pools. The indoor area will remain closed until further notice.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

What is open?

  • Outdoor area of the Brine Bath
  • Terrace with sunbeds and tables
  • Indoor relaxing area GF
  • Massages and treatments: Appointments on request Tel. 091 786 96 96, info@termali-salini.ch

What is closed?

  • Sauna
  • Steam bath
  • SPA
  • Indoor area of the Brine Bath and Bistro
  • Private Spa Suites

Our protective measures

Thank you for joining us in complying with the currently applicable safety measures!

Detailed information

Mediterranean flair and panoramic views – on the lake

A natural saltwater spa with stunning views of the lake and Ticino’s mountains: Ticino’s biggest natural saltwater spa offers outstanding Mediterranean flair and spa facilities that promise peace, warmth and wellbeing. Pure relaxation.


Enjoy – relax – let time slip away

Full Moon Spa event

05/07/2021 - 19:00 bis 22:30

CHF 45.00
Bitte auswählen

When the full moon is in the sky, enjoy the view of Lake Maggiore and the mountains from the Termali Salini. We will also serve you a delicious cocktail.

Offer includes:

  • Day admission to the natural saltwater bath
  • A snack and full moon cocktail or non-alcoholic drink

The spa area closes at 10:00 pm.

The number of guests permitted at the event is limited. Please register in advance. Additional massages or wraps can be purchased for an extra charge. Booking essential.

Termali Salini & Spa Locarno Private Spa Lago

Private spa suites

One special highlight is our private spa suites: the private spas are on the top floor and offer plenty of privacy. Whether you’re having a treatment or simply relaxing, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and private terrace with lake view.

Discover the private spa suites

Termali Salini & Spa Locarno NaturSolebad Innenbad


The Termali Salini & Spa Locarno is right on the Lido Locarno. The spa architecture is a modern, abstract take on Ticino’s famous river valleys, complete with caves, alcoves and waterfalls. You bathe in pools with a vertical layout and discover the spa from different perspectives. In the outdoor baths, you can enjoy stunning views of the lake and mountains.

Learn more about the architecture

Termali Salini & Spa Locarno Wasserfall

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