Massages & treatments

Massages & treatments

An invigorating massage or a soothing treatment perfectly complements your spa experience. Our spa team has therefore created day spa offers: The massages and treatments are harmoniously coordinated and ensure relaxation and well-being.

Massages and treatments can only be booked in combination with an admission.

Indulgent Swiss pine massage

This full body massage indulges the skin and senses with Swiss pine oil from the Engadin, warm Swiss pine sticks and stones. Swiss pine originates from the Engadin and is considered the queen of Alpine trees. The warmth of the Swiss pine sticks and the oil penetrates deep into the muscles, improves circulation and energy flow and releases tension and blockages. 

50 minutes / CHF 110

Milk and herbal compress massage

Start by relaxing with a full body massage: the body milk nourishes your skin and supplies much-needed moisture. Rounding off the treatment, warm herbal compresses ease tension in muscles and tissue.

50 minutes / CHF 104

Indulgent oil massage

This full body massage is a treat for the skin and the senses, creating a feeling of peace and relaxation. The essential oils have a regenerating effect, promoting energy flow and easing tension and blockages. A very special moment of indulgence.

25 minutes / CHF 53
50 minutes / CHF 100

Indulgent massage with Swiss pine oil

Soothing, revitalising and exhilarating: that’s how the people of Engadin describe the effects of Swiss pine. Enjoy a relaxing massage with essential oils that will leave you feeling invigorated and at ease. A sheer delight for mind, body and soul.

25 minutes / CHF 53
50 minutes / CHF 100

Foot and leg massage

Our feet and legs carry us around all day, every day – so why not treat them to a soothing massage? Our foot and leg massage releases blockages and relaxes your muscles. It loosens the tendons and stimulates circulation, helping bring your body back into balance.

25 minutes / CHF 53

Hops and Malt

This full body oil massage with hop extracts and hot stones is the perfect way to escape the everyday. The hop extracts have an antimicrobial effect, while the heat from the stones sinks deep into your skin – the essence of relaxation. Round it off with an beer and you’re ready for adventure all over again.

50 minutes / CHF 100

Braschuneda vitela Massage

A rhythmic and soothing massage, with the effect of an exfoliation, where the skin is massaged with circular movements using dry brushes. The massage stimulates circulation and gives the skin a pleasant feeling.

45 minutes / CHF 105

Shiatsu without spa ritual

Shiatsu is a complementary therapy that helps to alleviate complaints and sustainably increase well-being. Literally translated, shiatsu means «finger pressure»: the energy channels/meridians are treated with the palms of the hands, the forearms or the knee. One works with the displacement of one's own body weight and not with isolated muscle power of the fingers. The body is gently stretched and the joints mobilised through movements, either rhythmically or by holding still.

25 minutes without spa ritual / CHF 65.00
50 minutes without spa ritual / CHF 130.00

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