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The day spa package includes:

For two people:

  • Thermal spa and Roman-Irish spa ritual day admission
  • Full body wrap of your choice (Rhassoul or chalk)
  • 1.5 hours in the Toi & Moi private spa with the spa aperitif platter, prosecco and milk and herbal compress massage (50 minutes)
  • Bath towel and bathrobe
  • Tea and ‘Aqui’ water

Takes around 4.5 hours in total. 

Römisch-Irisches Spa-Ritual mit Ganzkörper-Packung nach Wahl

Full body wrap of your choice


It’s been a tried and tested Middle Eastern treatment for thousands of years: ‘Rhassoul’, a Moroccan clay. You apply the wrap in the steam bath and let the soothing ingredients take effect. Rhassoul helps cleanse your skin and make it supple – for a natural and soothing beauty treatment.

Rügen healing chalk

This chalk is a natural product that cleanses and nourishes the skin. It soothes and improves many skin issues. A chalk wrap leaves your skin feeling palpably softer. It invigorates the circulation and metabolism throughout your entire body. This wrap is also applied in the steam bath, so you can leave it to soak in.

Milch Kräuterstempel Massage

Milk and herbal compress massage

Start by relaxing with a full body massage: the body milk nourishes your skin and supplies much-needed moisture. Rounding off the treatment, warm herbal compresses ease tension in muscles and tissue.

Hürlimann Spa Toi & Moi Private Spa

Toi & Moi private spa

Luxury and freedom: take some time to relax in our exclusive private spa. This beautifully designed suite comes with a two-person bathtub, leather sofas and cushions, and invites you to sit back and relax. Indulge in treatments or massages, or simply enjoy the private spa at your leisure.

Hürlimann Spa Römisch-Irischen-Spa

The Roman-Irish spa ritual

The best of ancient spa culture combined in a unique cleansing ritual in historic surroundings: the Roman-Irish spa ritual is an exclusive experience in a very special atmosphere. At 10 different stations, your body is warmed, cleansed, relaxed, then cooled down again – a source of soothing relaxation, health and vitality.

Thermalbad Hürlimann Spa - Thermalbad Wasserwelt

The thermal spa waterworld

In the barrel vaults of the former brewery, you bathe in huge wooden barrels. Our rooftop swimming pool is just as extraordinary: bathe atop the Sudhaus with the city at your feet. You can enjoy the soothing effect of the thermal water in the emerald spa, our three hot tubs, the steam bath and our Kneipp zone.

Hürlimann Spa Gang Duschen Umkleide

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