Massages & treatments

Massages & treatments

An invigorating massage or a soothing treatment perfectly complements your spa experience. Our spa team has therefore created day spa offers: The massages and treatments are harmoniously coordinated and ensure relaxation and well-being.

Massages and treatments can only be booked in combination with an admission.

Exfoliating massage

Deep cleansing for your skin: this wet massage using natural soap, our sea buckthorn scrub and exfoliating gloves will invigorate your skin and give it added radiance.

25 minutes / CHF 57
50 minutes / CHF 104

Foam massage

Enjoy a soothing full body massage, beginning with an exfoliation. Then you will be wrapped in foam and pampered with targeted massage strokes. The scent of the mild and natural soap has a relaxing and mood-lifting effect. The soap is based on an oil containing the leaves of the camphor tree - an evergreen tree that is native to China and can grow over 30 metres high. 

The 50-minute massage is rounded off with a soothing hair wash and head massage.

25 minutes / CHF 60
50 minutes / CHF 110

Milk and herbal compress massage

Start by relaxing with a full body massage: the body milk nourishes your skin and supplies much-needed moisture. Rounding off the treatment, warm herbal compresses ease tension in muscles and tissue.

25 minutes / CHF 57
50 minutes / CHF 104
75 minutes / CHF 158

Hürlimann vital massage

The Hürlimann vital massage is a unique combination of an oil massage and a hot stone massage. The whole body is massaged and stretched out, using hands and hot stones in turn. This method has been specially developed for our guests to allow them to relax, let go and enjoy the experience.

50 minutes / CHF 120

Summer Breeze massage

A powerful milk lotion massage focuses on easing tension in your neck and shoulder area. This 50-minute treatment also includes an intensive back massage. Beginning with a facial and refreshing face mask, this treatment will give you back your glow – and a lavender ice compress and face and head massage will help with that, too. We round off this feel-good experience with a foot and calf massage.

50 minutes / CHF 110

Winter Dream massage

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, enjoy this moment of indulgence with a partial body massage using intensive milk lotion, starting with a refreshing facial treatment. While the moisturising face mask takes effect, enjoy an intensive massage focusing on your head, neck, shoulders, calves and feet. This 50-minute massage also treats your back. The perfect massage to release tension and leave you feeling like you’re walking on air.

50 minutes / CHF 110

Full body wrap of your choice


It’s been a tried and tested Middle Eastern treatment for thousands of years: ‘Rhassoul’, a Moroccan clay. You apply the wrap in the steam bath and let the soothing ingredients take effect. Rhassoul helps cleanse your skin and make it supple – for a natural and soothing beauty treatment.

CHF 23

Rügen healing chalk

This chalk is a natural product that cleanses and nourishes the skin. It soothes and improves many skin issues. A chalk wrap leaves your skin feeling palpably softer. It invigorates the circulation and metabolism throughout your entire body. This wrap is also applied in the steam bath, so you can leave it to soak in.

CHF 23

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