Fit into spring - with our freshly prepared full body packs


Seven different full body packs

Our full body packs are soothing and natural. Did you know that they are freshly prepared every day? The different packs have a restorative or purifying effect. We use pure natural products that pamper your skin with valuable minerals, moisturise and activate the metabolism. We prepare a total of 5 different full body packs (yellow, green or pink clay, Turkish coffee, Rhassoul, olive soap and raw honey).

You apply the full body pack yourself in a private steam bath.

Ganzkörper-Packung mit türkischem Kaffee

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is one of the best ground coffees available. Its fine-grained nature makes it suitable for both the body and face and for all skin types. Turkish coffee is rich in antioxidants and caffeine. It can be used to soften dark circles, eliminate cellulite or tighten the skin.

Ganzkörper-Packung mit Honig

Raw honey

100% natural, organically grown honey. It is ideal for use in the Turkish bath. Raw flower honey contains its original grains which act like a natural exfoliator. Honey is rich in powerful enzymes, a good dose of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that make it a gentle treatment for all skin types.

Ganzkörper-Packung Rhassoul

Rhassoul - Moroccan skin care clay

Rhassoul has been a tried and tested traditional Arabic beauty remedy in the Orient for thousands of years. Translated, it means "wash". It can be used on hair (be careful with chemically treated hair), face and body. The skin feels supple and nourished.

Ganzkörper-Packung mit Olivenseife

Olive soap

A typical oriental soaping ritual, for a daily skin cleansing treatment in the hammam. The grated and ready-to-use green olive soap is a soap of the highest quality. It cleanses the skin thoroughly without drying it out and provides suppleness and elasticity thanks to its nourishing effect. Olive soap is suitable for all skin types.

Rosa Tonerde für Gazkörperpackungen

Pink clay

The clay cleanses and nourishes the skin and has a beneficial effect on many skin problems. Your skin feels noticeably softer afterwards. The blood circulation and the metabolic process in the entire body are stimulated. Pink clay is excellent for treating sensitive skin. With its neutral pH value, this clay is particularly bark-removing and soothing.

Ganzkörper-Packung mit gelber Tonerde

Yellow clay

Yellow clay is a mineral powder that is suitable for the cosmetic treatment of normal and combination skin that tends to be oily. The yellow clay works wonders on all skin types and gives your skin a caressingly soft texture.

Termali Salini & Spa Locarno Ganzkörper Packung grüne Tonerde

Green clay

Aerated green clay is a natural product composed of mineral substances. Thanks to the presence of valuable minerals such as silicon, calcium, iron and magnesium, aerated green clay gently exfoliates dead cells and nourishes and strengthens newly formed cells. It absorbs sebum and impurities and provides improved skin tone.

Weisse Tonerde

White clay

White clay, also known as kaolin, is rich in silicon and other mineral components.
With its very fine texture and white-grey colour, it is particularly suitable for treating all skin types, from delicate and dry to oily skin. It is one of the most widely used cosmetics.
Thanks to its exfoliating action, it removes dead cells and leaves the skin smooth, radiant and regenerated.
It also has sebum-regulating properties: it is a great help in the treatment of oily or blemished skin by removing excess sebum and cleansing the pores. It also has healing properties: it is ideal for treating minor skin imperfections as it improves elasticity and skin tone.


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